Additions to the NSFNET policy-based routing database

Steven K. Widmayer skw
Thu Jun 25 02:59:42 UTC 1992

The following networks have been added to the NSFNET policy-based routing
database, and routes should be in effect by 08:00 EDT Thursday.
T1 Network:
No additions.

Total configured T1 networks: 5676
T3 Network: 
AS 685 - NorthWestNet Regional Network
            Gate IP:
          Gate Name:
           Location:  ENSS 143 - University of Washington
        Protocol:  BOTH

Added 48 NorthWestNet (AS 685) T1 primary nets to the T3 backbone. 

Changed 196 Alternet (AS 701/702) nets to lower T3 backbone metrics
so Alternet can prefer T3 backbone.
Total configured T3 networks: 3887
The configuration reports, map information sheets, and configuration files
which reflect these changes are available for anonymous ftp on
as usual.
    nsfnet/announced.networks - configuration reports
               latest report for:
                        -  NSFNET T1 has the file extension .now
                        -  NSFNET T3 has the file extension
    nsfnet/backbone.configuration - configuration files for the routing
                                    software for each NSS
               latest report for:
                        -  NSFNET T1 has the file format config.nss#
                        -  NSFNET T3 has the file extension .t3p
Please send all requests for configuration changes to nsfnet-admin at
using the NSFNET configuration forms.  The forms are available on-line.
from the machine.  Use ftp and the anonymous login to get on the
machine.  Do a "cd nsfnet/announced.networks" and get the files TEMPLATE.NET,
  --Steve Widmayer

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