Postponed: Additions to the NSFNET policy-based routing database

bsb bsb
Tue Jun 23 08:22:13 UTC 1992

NWG group and regional techs,

Greetings. Unfortunately, updates to the NSFNET policy-based
routing database will be postponed until tomorrow evening
due to a problem with the configuration database.

(Don't listen to the man behind the curtain who said that 
 your updates would be installed by 08:00 EDT) :-). 

Hopefully, we can get the problem worked out and have the
configuration installations coincide with the T3 rcp_routed 
upgrade (00:01-04:00 Eastern) in order to minimize downtime.

If you need a network added before the window tomorrow, please
message trouble at (cc nsfnet-admin at and state
that you need an emergency configuration update. The NOC can page
me and I can make the update.

Apologies for the inconvenience,
-B. Sue Blair
 Merit / NSFNET

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