Sprint/Cornell ICMnet Transition Report

Bob Collet rcollet at icm1.icp.net
Thu Jun 4 16:25:47 UTC 1992

Sprint/Cornell ICMnet Transition Progress report


Sprint and Cornell University are proceding forward with the transition of 
NOC duties from Ithaca to Sprint's SprintLink NOC in Herndon, VA.  A key 
element in the transition has been the establishment of a fully functional 
SprintLink national backbone.  The backbone is now connected to the CIX; and 
it is connected  to FIX-E via Sprint "ICMNET2."  It will also soon be 
connected to FIX-W via Sprint ICMNET3. 

The routing within this complex arrangement could not have been accomplished 
without the help of Mr. Peter Lothberg, SWIPnet/NORDUnet,  who assured end-to-
end routing integrity from NSFNET and SprintLink's CIX connection to the 
Sprint EBS1 router in Stockholm where the connection to EBONE is made.


768 kbps service (ICMNET2) is now operational between FIX-E and Stockholm. It 
utilizes a path which bypasses an outage-prone PTT facility in the 
Netherlands.  The 256 kbps service (ICMNET1) between Ithaca and Stockholm is 
in the process of being taken down.  We expect this coordinated effort 
between Sprint and SWIPnet/NORDUnet to be accomplished in early July.


On Friday, June 5, the ICMnet link (ICMNET3) from the Japanese Internet 
eXchange (JIX) in Tokyo to the Sprint ICMnet router at FIX-W will be 
transitioned to Sprint NOC management. This effort has been coordinated with 


In conjunction with INRIA, we are planning to transition the 128 kbps Cornell-
Sophia-Antipolis, France service (ICMNET1) within the month.


When the transition of Cornell-homed circuits is completed the Sprint ICMnet 
equipment (router, channel bank, etc) at Cornell will be relocated to the Pan 
Amsat VSAT earth station in Homestead, Florida for the purpose of providing 
NSFNET connectivity to the Latin American and Carribbean community as 
discussed at the First Interamerican Networking Workshop held October 7-11 in 
Rio de Janeiro.  It will also provide connectivity within the LAC community.  
We expect the service to be operational before the end of August.

Please advise if there are any concerns or questions.


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