Everything you ever wanted to know about Merit's AS mail lists...

skw skw
Sat Jul 18 04:27:54 UTC 1992

Hi.  I've just appended some text to the template.as form (nis.nsf.net 
in the nsfnet/announced.networks directory).  I thought I would send 
it along to the regional-techs list to help clarify the AS lists we 
maintain and how they are used. 
  --Steve Widmayer

Explanation of Merit AS mail lists:

For each AS, Merit maintains a techs-<number>@merit.edu list.  This
list includes all of the individuals who have been authorized by the AS
to send add/change/delete requests on behalf of the AS to nsfnet-admin,
as well as any other regional-techs for that AS or other individuals
the AS would like on their list.

 jyy at merit.edu

The as<number>@merit.edu list is used by the Merit routing config
operations group (and valid AS requestors from other sites) to expedite
the mail handling of nsfnet-admin requests and inter-AS routing
coordination issues between nsfnet-admin and the various AS site
contacts.  The as<number> list includes techs-<number>@merit.edu
and nsfnet-admin at merit.edu.

  techs-237 at merit.edu,
  nsfnet-admin at merit.edu

The as<number>@merit.edu lists are also members of the [email protected]
merit.edu list.  The regional-techs list is also a member of the
nwg at merit.edu list.

Merit also maintains an as<number>-trouble at merit.edu list for each AS.
These are used mainly by the Merit NOC to:
1.-- Report problems to the AS that have been detected from monitoring
     the AS in the T1 and T3 backbone routing tables.
2.-- Report problems to the AS that have been detected from monitoring
     the pingability of active routers configured to peer with the
     T1 and T3 backbones.
3.-- Report to the AS routing/connectivity problems involving a network
     announced by the AS which has been reported to or detected by
     the Merit NOC.

The as<number>-trouble at merit.edu list includes the techs<number> list
plus nocroute at merit.edu (Merit NOC and IE staff who follow and track
such problems), plus any other individuals or trouble notification
groups which the AS would like added to this list.

 techs-237 at merit.edu
 nocroute at merit.edu,
 trouble at merit.edu

Please send any AS mail list update requests to:
 regional-techs-request at merit.edu

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