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Wed Jul 1 21:30:41 UTC 1992

	From: "Allen M. Cole" <cole at>
	Subject: Phone number list of network NOC's
	Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1992 13:17:37 -0600 (MDT)

	Is there anywhere a list of phone numbers for NOC's?  This could be
	regional NOC's or actually any other kinds of NOC's.  Thanks.

	cole at

Under the auspices of the IETF User Connectivity Problems Working Group, we
have begun collecting a database of NOC contact information.  There are
currently 49 NOC's (or Network Service Centers, as we call them) listed.

Some NSC's have expressed concern that they would be inundated or harassed if
every user of the Internet had access to this information.  To help alleviate
this, we have included a "who am I willing to help" field in the NSC database.
(For example, several providers say "I'm willing to help the official technical
contact at my customer sites and their counterparts elsewhere trying to reach
my customers." None say "You should call me if you are having any trouble
whatsoever because I have a lot of free time to help random people diagnose
local problems." :-) We have also included a note asking that the information
returned not be divulged to non-NSCs.

The basic model (that I hope we are all pursuing) is that problem reporting
should be optimized to a reasonable extent.  That is, all 3000 end-users who
notice a problem should not call MERIT directly but rather should funnel their
questions/problems through designated campus/organization representatives (who
in turn should probably contact their service provider, often a regional NOC).
At some point in the progression up the network chain, it's appropriate to make
a lateral step rather than bothering the folks above.  For example, if BARRnet
has noticed a problem getting to a NEARnet member's LAN, it doesn't make sense
to involve MERIT unless they know there's a backbone problem.  Our hope is that
by pushing this contact information down to responsible people at the regional
and, sometimes, campus level, that we can facilitate problem diagnosis and
unburden the intermediate providers.

That said, the magic incantation to do a keyword search of the database is:

	nsc-KEYWORD-private at

(If your NSC is not listed there and would like to be or if the information
listed appears to be inaccurate, please drop me a note and I'll tell you how to
get stuff added/changed.)

Hope this helps,

P.S.  For example, the entry for NEARnet is returned by:

         finger nsc-nearnet-private at

Retrieving information on nearnet.   Please wait...

The following information is being made available to facilitate Internet
problem diagnosis and resolution.  This information is for use only by
authorized Network Service Centers.  If you are not an authorized service
provider, you MUST NOT use or disclose this information.

        ****** PRIVATE -- DO NOT DISCLOSE -- PRIVATE ********

NSC Name        [nearnet             ]
Organization    [New England Academic and Research Network                   ]
Staffed Hours   [8am to 8pm EST M-F  ]
On-Call Hours   [all others          ]
Phone Numbers   [617-873-8730                                                ]
Fax Numbers     [617-873-5620 (only checked 9am to 5pm M-F)                  ]
Email Address   [nearnet-ops at                                    ]
Handoff Addr.   [trouble-ticket-handoff at                         ]
Ticket Prefix   [nearnet             ]
Admin Escalate  [John Rugo, Nearnet Manager, jrugo at, 617-873-2935]
X-References    [                                                            ]
Test Hosts      [ =, 192.54.222.{2,5} = border GWs   ]
Last Reminder   [03/17/1992]
Last Verify     [03/24/1992]
AS/Net Nums     [AS281,AS560,AS1384,AS1383                                   ]
                [                                                            ]
                [                                                            ]
                [                                                            ]
                [                                                            ]
                [                                                            ]
NSC Focus       [The NEARnet NOC performs NEARnet network operations,        ]
                [maintenance of external network connections, provision of   ]
                [value-added services (e.g. newsfeeds, DNS, etc).            ]
                [                                                            ]
                [                                                            ]
                [                                                            ]
User Community  [The NEARnet NOC will accept problem reports from the        ]
                [official technical liaisons at NEARnet member sites and     ]
                [other Internet users trying to reach NEARnet member sites.  ]
                [                                                            ]
                [                                                            ]
                [                                                            ]
Notes           [NEARnet has a policy of end-to-end problem resolution.      ]
                [For access to currently-open trouble tickets, do:           ]
                [      finger ticket-open at                       ]
                [                                                            ]
                [                                                            ]
                [                                                            ]

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