Directions to Adv Topics Seminar plus other tidbits

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Tue Jan 21 20:02:32 UTC 1992

The Advanced Topics Seminar will be held in the Auditorium of
the Chrysler Center on the North Campus of the University of

For those of you unfamiliar with Merit's location, we too are 
located on North Campus.  The Chrysler Center is an easy walk 
from the Computing Center, where our NOC is located.

Please note that registration will take place between 8am and
8:30am on Thursday, with coffee, donuts, muffins, etc. being 
served from 8:30am until 9am.  For those not attending the
sessions on Thursday morning you may register as you arrive.
Please allow extra time for this.  

I will be sending out a postscript map of the central campus
in a minute for those of you who will be staying on central

	Please call or email if you have any questions,

				Sheri Repucci
				Merit/Internet Engineering

If you fly:
	Detroit Metropolitan Airport is located 25 miles east 
	of Ann Arbor on I-94.  At Metro you will find many car 
	rental agencies and a bus service, Commuter Service 
	(in Michigan, 1-800-351-LIMO, Nationwide, 1-800-458-9401).  
	You can buy a bus ticket at the Ground Transportation 
	Desk near the Luggage Pick-up (cash only).  Buses leave 
	hourly and stop at the Michigan Union (located on Central
	Campus) and major hotels in Ann Arbor.  The fare is $14.00 
	one way or $25.00 round trip (slightly more to the hotels 
	that offer this service).  Make your return reservations 
	the day before you leave and plan to leave 1 1/2 to 2 
	hours before your flight time. 

	See more detailed directions below.
	** The airport limo goes to the Campus Inn, $14.50 each way **

If you drive:

	Ann Arbor is 45 miles west of Detroit on I-94 at the junction 
	of U.S. 23.  To reach the Chrysler Center take U.S. 23 North
	to the Plymouth Road exit (note: not the exit to Plymouth), 
	take Plymouth Road west to Murfin Avenue.  The Chrysler Center 
	is located near the intersection of Murfin Avenue and Bonisteel 

	See more detailed directions below.
	For those who have reserved a parking permit, park in the
	staff areas of the parking lots, rather than in a metered
	space.  Your permit should be picked up at the registration 
	desk inside the Chrysler Center.

Directions to Chrysler Center From Detroit Metro Airport
 1.  On exiting airport, follow I-94 West (marked Ann Arbor or Chicago).
 2.  Go west about 18 miles to US-23.  Exit to US-23 north.  Follow US-23
     north about 4 miles to Geddes Road  (Exit number 39) and exit.
 3.  Turn left on Geddes and follow along about two miles.  You will pass 
     two traffic lights, and after the second light, Geddes Road changed into 
     Fuller Road.  You will be forced to make an abrupt right-hand turn onto 
     a one-way street (the street is named Oakway Road, and the Veteran's 
     Hospital will be on your left).  Stay in the right lane and go "straight" 
     at the stop sign at the end  of the block.  You are entering the UM North 
     Campus on Beal Avenue at this point.
 4.  Follow Beal Avenue north (about 1/4 of a mile) until you come to a 
     stop sign, you are now at Bonisteel Avenue, turn left here.  There 
     is a parking lot on the right, about 1/2 way down Bonisteel that you 
     may use.  If this lot is full go to the next street,  which is Murfin 
     and turn right.  After you turn right,  make a right into the North 
     Campus Commons parking lot.
Directions to the Computing Center (Merit Network Operation Center)
 1-3 same as above
 4.  Turn into the first parking lot entrance on the left (you'll notice 
     the Gerald Ford Library on your right).
 5.  The Computing Center Building is at the end of the first aisle--the 
     three-story, dark glass building on the end.  Enter on the north 
     (far) side.  Take the elevator to the 3rd floor.  Once you reach 
     the third floor, you may need to use the phone right outside the 
     entrance; dial 3-3448 and someone will let you in to the NOC area.

Directions from Metro Airport to Central Campus

Once you get to Plymouth Road (off of US-23) continue on Plymouth Road 
west until you get to Main St (this is a long haul).  Turn left on Main St. 
(South).  Take Main Street to E. Huron Street.  Turn left on Huron (East).
Then follow the postscript map on Huron to the League or to the Campus Inn.  
Oxford Housing is located within the Michigan League building.  

Note: these directions follow the most straight forward and heavily used
roads.  Once you know the area or get a real map you will be able to 
shorten the ride.

Directions Back to Metro Airport From the Computing Center
 1.  Exit the parking lot and turn right on Beal Avenue.
 2.  At the stop sign, turn right onto Glazier Way and get into the left 
     lane (it's a one-way street).
 3.  Follow around to your left at the end of the first block onto Fuller 
     Road (you are circling the Veteran's Hospital).  Get into the right 
 4.  Follow Fuller Road through two traffic lights (it changes into Geddes 
     at the first light, but just keep going straight).
 5.  Just past the second light, you will come to the US-23 overpass.  Take 
     US-23 south (marked Toledo).
 6.  Go about 4 miles to I-94 and take I-94 east 18 miles to Metro Airport.

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