Advanced Topics Seminar - Revised Agenda

smr smr
Fri Jan 10 23:07:35 UTC 1992

Here is a revised agenda for the Advanced Topics Seminar,
again to be held Jan 23 and 24th in Ann Arbor, MI.

As a reminder, if you do plan on attending the seminar
please rsvp to seminar at

                                 Sheri Repucci
 				 Merit/Internet Engineering


Thursday Jan 23rd
9:00-9:15 	Opening Remarks 

9:15-10:00 	Gigabit Testbeds by Dick Binder of CNRI

10:00-10:45	High Speed Switching by 
		Northern Telecommunications Inc/Bell Northern Research 

10:45-11:00	Short break

11:00-12:00	Backbone Routing by Jessica Yu of Merit

12:00-1:30	Lunch

1:30-2:15	SMDS & SMDS Network Management by Dave Piscatello of Bellcore	

2:15-3:00	SMDS WAN Implementation Plan for ESnet by Tony Hain of ESnet

3:00-3:15	Short break

3:15-3:45	T3 Summary and Overview by Mark Knopper of Merit 
3:45-4:30	Future T3 Enhancements on Performance by Mathi Packiam of IBM
4:30-5:00	Open discussion on T3 status

Friday Jan 24th
9:00-9:45	BGP3 by Dennis Ferguson of CA*net

9:45-10:45 	NREN Engineering by Peter Ford of Los Alamos National Laboratory

10:45-11:00	short break

11:00-11:30	OSI by Sue Hares of Merit

11:30-1:00 	Lunch

1:00-2:30	Informal and Open Discussion with Regional Techs

2:30-5:00	tours, discussions and meetings  

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