Additions to the NSFNET policy-based routing database

Belinda Sue Blair bsb
Fri Jan 10 13:12:34 UTC 1992

The following networks have been added to the NSFNET policy-based routing
T1 Network:
Net #            Net Name        Primary  Secondary    Location
--------        -----------      -------  ---------    --------
192.74.218      LOGANCOLTS         291       293       Logan High School, 1800
                                                       H St.  Union City CA
                                                       94587, USA
156.63          OHIO               266       267       Ohio Data Network, 65
                                                       East State Street,
                                                       Suite 810, Columbus, OH
                                                       43215, USA
155.246         STEVENS            97                  Stevens Institute of
                                                       Technology, Castle
                                                       Point on the Hudson,
                                                       Hoboken,  NJ 07030, USA
192.135.67      TEA                280       114       Texas Education Agency,
                                                       1701 North Congress
                                                       Avenue, Austin, TX
                                                       78701-1494, USA
192.133.7       TAINET             93                  Tuebner & Associates,
                                                       Inc., 324 South
                                                       Husband, Stillwater, OK
                                                       74074, USA
155.92          MSOE               267       266       Milwaukee School of
                                                       Engineering, Academic
                                                       Computing Services,
                                                       1025 N. Milwaukee
                                                       Street, Milwaukee, WI
                                                       53202, USA
144.60          FDDI-CMC           93                  SBC Technology
                                                       Incorporated, 550
                                                       Maryville Centre Drive,
                                                       Suite 400, St. Louis,
                                                       MO 63141, USA
138.47          LATECH             279       86        Louisiana Tech
                                                       University, Nethkin
                                                       Hall - Room 235,
                                                       Arizona Avenue, Ruston,
                                                       LA 71272, USA
134.84          UMN-GWNET          267       266       University of
                                                       Minnesota, Minnesota
                                                       Supercomputer Center,
                                                       1200 Washington Avenue
                                                       South, Minneapolis, MN
                                                       55415, USA
192.133.2       KSC                209       210       Kaman Sciences
                                                       Corporation, P.O. Box
                                                       7463, Colorado Springs,
                                                       CO 80933, USA
192.131.107     MEIKO-NET          560       281       Meiko Scientific Corp.,
                                                       1601 Trapelo Road,
                                                       Waltham, MA 02154, USA
192.129.66      LWOOD-NET1         184       164       USAISC-FLW, ASQNB-ZTI
                                                       B-404, Ft. Leonard
                                                       Wood, MO 65473, USA
Total NSFNET T1 announced networks:  4333
T3 Network: 
    Network IP:  192.131.107
  Network Name:  MEIKO-NET
      Location:  Meiko Scientific Corp., 1601 Trapelo Road, Waltham, MA 02154,
  Country Code:  US
     	       	1:560  NEARnet Regional Network
  	        2:281  NEARnet Regional Network

Total NSFNET T3 announced networks:  962
The configuration reports, map information sheets, and configuration files 
which reflect these changes are available for anonymous ftp on 
as usual. 
   nsfsites - configuration reports
              latest report for:
                       -  NSFNET T1 has the file extension .now
                       -  NSFNET T3 has the file extension
    nsfconfg - configuration files for the routing software for each NSS
               latest report for:
                        -  NSFNET T1 has the file format config.nss#
                        -  NSFNET T3 has the file extension .t3p
Please send all requests for configuration changes to nsfnet-admin at 
using the NSFNET configuration forms.  The forms are available on-line 
from the machine.  Use ftp and the anonymous login to get on the 
machine.  Do a "cd nsfsites" and grab the files TEMPLATE.NET, TEMPLATE.GATE,
-B. Sue Blair
 Merit Network Operations

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