NCR - a followup note

Martin Lee Schoffstall schoff at
Tue Jan 7 11:47:21 UTC 1992

I am concerned that possibly parochial admin/operational
requirements/disciplines affect the protocol specification of the
requirements/protocols.  I don't want another nsfnet centric proposal
that assumes too much.   This could be useful at any "level" of the
Internet and should be designed as such.


 Identifying requirements is necessary so that protocol mods can start
 to be done.  If we wait until some procurement is awarded, there
 won't be enough time to do the necessary protocol work.
 Besides, the routing coordinator business is hardly settled on
 yet anyway.  You have to decide what said org. is going to coordinate
 and what policys they obey before you can run a meaningful RFP...
 It's the substrate that decides how much flexibility you have in
 routing configuration anyway.
 PS If you know something I don't, let me know!

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