Request processing

Scott Williamson scottw at
Fri Jan 3 21:35:26 UTC 1992


   I assume that you are referring to calls to the NIC.  The message was
addressed to such a wide audience that it is hard to tell.  Please identify
your specific problems and I will look into to the holdup. I have been working
with Dan Long to track down his outstanding problem.  Please ensure that
they are not the same.  I have done an audit of outstanding registration 
actions and do not see any that are not on hold for a valid reason.  Your
responce will help me ensure that my information is correct.


> 	Well, the Sesquinet regional has also benn having problems. The
> best response I've had is to get on the phone and talk them through the
> requet and then allocate time to call back at regular intervals (weekly)
> to check on the status.  We still have several outstanding items, one of
> which goes back to October. Sigh...
> -- 
> Regards,
> Bill Manning
>  713-285-5415
>    R.U. (o-kome)

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