Additions to the NSFNET policy-based routing database

Steve Goldstein--Ph 202-357-9717 sgoldste at
Wed Jan 1 21:11:30 UTC 1992


If you will recall, I asked that you clear up the following:

192.93.218      PHYNET-C-5         590                 Institut National de
                                                       Recherche en
                                                       Informatische et
                                                       Automatique (IN2P3), BP
                                                       105; F-78153 Le Chesnay
                                                       Cedex, FRANCE

The institution named (BTW, should be "Informatique" and not "Informatische"--
We're getting to polyglot Europe too quickly here) is INRIA, and NOT IN2P3!
Important that we learn from EASINET/GMD just which one is the responsible
institution.  INRIA is indeed in Le Chesnay.  IN2P3 is in Lyon.  GMD folk
keep mixing this "metaphor".


Steve G.

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