A note on CERFnet Routing Changes over the weekend

Pushpendra Mohta pushp at CERF.NET
Mon Feb 24 16:16:03 UTC 1992

Steven K. Widmayer writes:
>>T3 Network: 
>>125 T1 configured CERFnet (AS 1740) networks (not listed here) have been 
>>added to the T3 database.

I have had a few requests for information about this change in CERFnet

Two major changes took place over the weekend.

(1) Erstwhile AS 195 split into AS 1740 (CERFnet ) and AS 195 (SDSCnet)
    AS 1740 has about 125 primary nets and AS 195 about 10.
    AS 1740 is a secondary AS for about 15 more.
    Some of our peers use MERIT's database for access-lists and
    measuring inter AS traffic flows. They might want to update their
    local databases.

(2) CERFnet began routing on the T3 NSFnet backbone. 

The following defines CERFnet's *current* routing preferences:

(1)  CERFnet member routes 
(2)  Routes received from CERFnet peers:

(3) Routes received from the T3 ENSFnet.

(4) Default to T1 NSFnet

(5) Default to T3 ENSFnet


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