The CIX and the NSFNET regionals - a dilemma

Allen Cole COLE at CC.UTAH.EDU
Wed Feb 19 18:13:00 UTC 1992

Marty writes
>We see similiar problems, functional capability for interactive
>applications like telnet is MUCH better through the CIX than through
>the NSFNet. When "SaltLakeCity" has its normal problems (we've seen
>about a dozen in January, and we're not looking really) then it goes
>through the roof.

An update.  There have been circuit problem for a couple of the circuits into
Salt Lake.  After a 24 hour test period the problem has been isolated to the
tail circuits at Salt Lake.  Fortunately a new fiber local loop has been
recently installed here.  That will probably make a difference.

cole at

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