Advanced Topics Questionnaire

smr smr
Tue Feb 11 21:55:55 UTC 1992

Hello all-

Some of the comments that we heard in the aftermath of our recent 
Advanced Topics Seminar suggests that perhaps it is time to rethink 
its content and format.  Thus, we have compiled a small questionnaire 
that should help us in this decision.   

We are hoping that you will respond whether you came to the January 
seminar or to a previous one(s).  

For those who wish to make specific comments about this past seminar, 
which the set of questions below does not directly elicit, please 
feel free to do so. 
				  Sheri Repucci
				  Merit/Internet Engineering

** Please send responses to seminar at **

A. Did you attend this past seminar? (y/n) 

   If no, why?

   If yes....
	1. Which topics did you find most useful?

	2. Which topics did you find least useful?
	3. Are there topics you would like to see at a future seminar?

B. Format of Seminar

   1. Have you attended any of our Advanced Topics Seminars?  (y/n)

   2. Does the current format of the seminar meet your needs?  Current
      defined as a mix of about 40% regional issues and 60% advanced 
      topics sessions. (y/n)
   3. If it does not meet your needs....

           a. Would you prefer to meet just with the other regionals
	      (ie: no advanced topics sessions)?

           b. Would you prefer a greater concentration on regional
	      issues (perhaps 75% regional 25% advanced topics

      	   c. Would you prefer two different events?  One meeting with
	      just regionals and one to present advanced topics, at 
	      different times in the year?

	   d. Other:

C. Comments: 

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