Merit NOC manager position

mak mak
Mon Feb 10 15:57:58 UTC 1992

Hi. Dale Johnson is moving to a different position at Merit,
the "Network Management Systems" group manager. So this opens
up the following position, FYI.

The University of Michigan and Merit Network, Inc. are seeking
applications for the position of Network Operations Center Manager.
The NOC is located at the University of Michigan, and the candidate
will be employed by the University. Send applications to Tina
Pryor, ITD-Resource Administration, University of Michigan, 519
W. William, Ann Arbor, MI 48109. The University of Michigan is
an equal opportunity employer.
Refer to the University's posting number: A-121032-TP
 TITLE:     Manager, Information Technology Division-Network 
               Operations Center 
  Provide management, leadership and vision in network 
  operations for national, state, and campus networking within 
  The University of Michigan-ITD Network Systems, including 
  UMnet, MichNet, and the NSFNET and ANS networks. The primary 
  focus of the Network Operations Center is hour-to-hour and 
  day-to-day operations of the various networks, including the 
  development and reliable execution of standard operating 
  procedures in a 24-hour per day, 7 day per week operations 
  environment. The Center also manages large amounts of critical 
  configuration information, and production of routine reports 
  on Network Performance. 
 Provide leadership and management of the Network Operations
 Produce and guarantee reliable execution of Center
 responsibilities, given the resources available. Arrange for new
 procedures to meet the operational requirements of rapidly
 changing technology.
 Define the support needs for the Network Operations Center. Work
 with the Center's customers and engineering support groups to
 establish their operational needs. Arrange for resources to meet
 those needs.
 Respond to network and Operations Center emergencies as needed
 on a twenty-four hour basis.
 Evaluate and report on the Center's technical performance for
 administrative and customer audiences.
 Coordinate projects with other groups and managers in Network
 Systems and the with the Center's vendors and corporate
 Develop staffing plans and goals, hire and train new staff,
 assign and prioritize projects, promote professional development
 and provide general functional and administrative supervision of
 Network Operations Center staff to meet unit objectives.
 Represent the Network Operations Center, Merit, and the
 University of Michigan on national and international committees,
 standards bodies, and other appropriate organizations, including
 providing leadership of such groups.
 Present the Network Operations Center, Merit, and the Networks
 to varied audiences via tours, lectures, and other
 Arrange for maintenance and physical improvements to the Network
 Operations Center facility.
 A Bachelor's degree in computer science, electrical engineering,
 applied mathematics or other related discipline. A Master's
 degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience
 is preferred. Significant knowledge and experience in the
 Internet and Unix environments, including knowledge and
 experience in managing networks using the TCP/IP protocol suite
 is required.
 Considerable knowledge of and five years experience in data
 Three years of operations coordination experience is required,
 with at least two at a staff management level preferred.
 Ability and vision to supervise the design and coordination of
 large scale, complex projects, establish goals, and meet
 objectives is required.
 Ability to communicate well with technical and administrative
 people, and work cooperatively with staff, peer managers and
 upper management is required.
 Ability to delegate responsibility and be accessible to
 technical staff is required.
 Active participation in networking organizations at a national
 level is desirable.
 Three or more years of computer programming experience is
 Commitment to quality operations and a vision of the future is

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