The CIX and the NSFNET regionals - a dilemma

Martin Lee Schoffstall schoff at
Thu Feb 6 14:06:19 UTC 1992

true TOS needs the hosts to participate - not likely in this century,
the installed base is too large.

subverting TOS with a router override is doable because you only have
to change about 10K routers.  

whether you should TOS for R&E vs usefuly things like high bandwith
or low latency should be debated.

but it is doable provided I carry around multiple routing tables in
my router.


 No Marty.  You are going to need either TOS routing or routing based
 on source address.  The cleanest solution is TOS routing because most
 routers will include that feature in the near future.
 Now we need to get the host application software to follow suit or we
 need a hack that will cause a router to turn on the appropriate TOS
 bits when it sees a non-RE source address.
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