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Bob Farzami bobf at
Thu Dec 24 16:20:14 UTC 1992

Subject: T1 NSFNet NSS Dismantling - January 1993

	Dear Regional Techs:

	After the successful transition of all NSFNet traffic 
from the T1 NSFNet to the T3 ANSnet/NSFnet, the T1 network has 
been entirely dismantled.  This event is a significant point in 
the evolutionary history of the NSFnet and the Internet.  

	During the next few weeks, we will be scheduling IBM Customer 
Engineers to remove the T1 NSS router equipment from your sites.  
First, however, we would like to offer to the regional networks that
have hosted the T1 NSS equipment, the opportunity to retain for
your internal use some of the IBM RT workstations that comprised 
the Network Switching Systems of the T1 network.  This equipment
would be a donation from ANS - there would be no charge for the IBM 
RT workstations.  Approximately 4-6 RT workstations are available 
at each T1 NSS site.

	Please note that due to the nature of their use as
routers, the majority of the IBM RTs are NOT equipped with a
monitor or keyboard.  Recipients of donated RT workstations must
make their own arrangements to provide monitors and keyboards for
these machines.  

	Please forward this note to the appropriate personnel within
your organization, and respond to ANS with the following information
(We hope to collect the replies in the first half of January 1993) :

	1) Organization name

	2) Organization point of contact for RT workstation

	3) Requested number of workstations (not to exceed
	   estimated number available as indicated above)

Please reply to:

	Bob Farzami, ANS Network Planning
	<bobf at>
	(914) 798-5342

The staff at Advanced Network & Services wishes you Happy Holidays!

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