** Merit/NSFNET Reginal Techs Meeting **

Sheri M. Repucci smr
Fri Dec 18 19:41:00 UTC 1992

Merit/NSFNET Regional-Techs Meeting Announcement
Hi. We are tentatively planning to hold a Merit/NSFNET Regional-Techs
Meeting on January 21st and 22nd in Boulder, Colorado (in lieu of an 
Advanced Topics Seminar).  Quite a novelity for us to hold this outside 
of Ann Arbor!

While this is extrememly short notice for such a meeting, especially
with the holidays upon us, we feel there is an urgent need to get
together before the next IETF and begin planning for the expected
summer time implementation of CIDR in the Internet (including BGP4
deployment, route aggregation, and management of the net number
space).  Other topics we are looking at for this meeting include the
establishment of the GIX, transition to the next generation NSFnet, and
our usual network status update.

Overall, we are trying to get a feel for how many of you would be interested
in attending this meeting, given its date and location.  

Thus, would you please send me a reply within the next few days to cast your 
vote on this?  Positive responses will not be considered rsvp's..we are just 
trying to solidify our plans at the moment.  If Boulder in January is a go I 
will be sending out a formal notice complete with an agenda, hotel information,
etc., hopefully on or before next Wednesday (the 23rd).

                        Thank you much, 

                                     Sheri Repucci
                                     Merit/Internet Engineering
                                     (313) 936-2085

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