Additions to the NSFNET policy-based routing database

Susan Horvath smh
Thu Dec 10 20:01:52 UTC 1992

  > Date:  Wed, 9 Dec 92 15:03:44 EST
  > To:    skw at (Steven K. Widmayer)
  > Cc:    nwg at
  > From:  aggarwal at (Vikas Aggarwal)
  > Any idea to make this entire structure available via gopher+wais ?
  > It would make things a lot easier to remember.
The entire collection available via Anonymous FTP is indeed available
via gopher.  "Merit Network" is registered on the main gopher server 
at the University of Minnesota.  Once you have reached our server,
choose Option 2: "Anonymous FTP -".
We are considering making the configuration part of the tree available 
more directly within our gopher server, as well as WAIS-ifying it.  
We will post to this group if additional facilities are added.

   -Susan Horvath
    Merit/NSFNET Information Services

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