Merit NSFNET Technical Seminar - Invitation

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Fri Aug 21 19:28:50 UTC 1992

You are invited to attend the Merit NSFNET Technical Seminar, to be
held September 21 and 22, 1992 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Enclosed at the end of this note is the agenda.  Please note that
we are still confirming some of the panelists and we may be adding
another topic.  You will be receiving a final agenda down the road

As an added feature this time around we will be providing a box lunch 
from Ann Arbor's famed Zingermans deli.  However, because of this it 
is extremely important for all who plan on joining us for lunch to RSVP
*before* Wed September 16th.

To RSVP send your confirmation to nsf-seminar at along with the 
following pieces of information. 

        -Will you need access to the Internet while here?
        -Do you plan on driving to Merit (ie: do you need a 
                University of Michigan parking permit)? 
	-Will you be partaking in lunch with us on Monday?
	-If yes to lunch, do you want vegetarian? 
  	 (The vegetarian lunch we are ordering contains cheese.
          Let me know individually if your diet can not accomodate this.)

Please note that registration will take place between 9am and 9:45am
on Monday, with coffee, donuts, muffins, etc. being served during this
time.  For those not attending the sessions on Monday morning you may
register as you arrive.  Allow extra time for this.

Here are two suggestions for housing in the Ann Arbor area.  The Campus
Inn is located about a block from the University's main campus and is 
very close to both city and campus bus lines.  The Red Roof Inn is located 
near the highway leading from the airport and near Merit, but is not located 
on any city or campus bus lines.

	Red Roof Inn 	800-874-9000 for reservations
      	located at 3621 Plymouth Road   Ann Arbor, Michigan
	The cost of a single is $35.99, a double $39.99
	We have reserved 10 singles and 10 doubles for Sunday and Monday
		nights only (the 20th and 21st)

        		800-666-8693 for reservations outside of the 313 area
        Campus Inn 	313-769-2200 for reservations within the 313 area
	Located at 615 E. Huron   Ann Arbor, Michigan
        The cost of a single is $73, a double $85.  
	We have 20 rooms reserved for Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights.

Take heed, there is a home UofM football game on Saturday Sept 19th (against
Oklahoma State for the football fans amoung you).  Thus if you wish to book 
a room at a hotel other than the two above or for Saturday night you should 
do so early. 

Directions will be sent out in a seperate message. If you have any questions 
please feel free to contact me by phone or by sending email to nsf-seminar.  

                                           Sheri Repucci
                                           Merit/Internet Engineering
					   (313) 936-2085 or 936-3335

AGENDA - Merit NSFnet Regional Meeting

Monday Sept 21, 1992
9:00-9:45	Registration & Continental breakfast

9:45-10:00 	Opening remarks (Repucci/Merit)

10:00-10:45	Merit/ANS Organizational Restructuring (Knopper/Merit)

10:45-11:15	ANS on the Merit/ANS Organizational Restructuring (Becker/ANS)

11:15-11:30	Short break

11:30-12:30	Dismantling of the T1 backbone (Knopper/Merit)

12:30-1:45	Lunch (provided for rsvp'ers)

1:45-2:30       Criteria for Future Internet Protocol Architecture (Cerf/CNRI)

2:30-2:45	short break

3:45-5:00     	Long Term Architecture Options - Panel Discussion
			Moderator (Cerf/CNRI)

7:00pm-??	Social gathering at Paesano's Restaurant

9:30pm-??	Whirlyball olympics 

Tuesday Sept 22, 1992
9:30-10:00     	Continental Breakfast

10:00-11:00    	Route Server/Network Access Point Experiment (Yu/Merit)

11:00-11:45     Routing Stability Monitoring & Statistics Collecting
 		on the NSFNET backbone (Chen/Merit)

11:45-12:00	Closing remarks (Repucci/Merit)

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