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skw skw
Thu Aug 20 04:52:56 UTC 1992

Hi.  There is a new form now available.  The only 
difference is that it now refers to the NSFNET AUP dated June,
1992.  Please begin using this version of the NSFNET

The full copy with explanations is available on:   

The newer NSFNET acceptable use policy is available on:
  --Steve Widmayer
 Version 5.3                                                20 Aug 1992

                 NSFNET Configuration Request Template
             for the NSFNET policy-based routing data base
             ---- Network Announcement Change Request ----

 This template is to request announcement of networks to the NSFNET

 Configuration requests may only be submitted by the designated Routing
 contacts for the Autonomous Systems of the NSFNET.

 Configuration requests should be submitted to nsfnet-admin at

 Please read the explanation at the bottom of this form if you are
 unfamiliar with its contents.


                ---- Network Announcement Change Request ----

 The networks which request access to the NSFNET backbone agree that traffic
 from the networks that will transit the NSFNET backbone comply with the

                                Inbound Announcements     Add/Del
                     Network:         to NSFNET          or Change
                     T1, T3    -----------------------   ---------
Network Number/Name  or both   1st AS# 2nd AS# 3rd AS#     A/D/C     Country
-------------------  --------  ------- ------- -------   ---------   -------

 Network Name:
 Organization Name:
 Organization Address:

 Additional Comments (optional):


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