Transition of ICM NOC from Cornell to Sprint

Robert D. Collet rcollet at
Sat Apr 25 14:01:02 UTC 1992

In January of 1991 Sprint entered into a cooperative agreement with 
the National Science Foundation to provide International Connections 
Management (ICM) to NSFNET.  The international network service is 
called ICMnet.  As part of the Sprint Team Cornell University 
provides the ICMnet Network Operations Center (NOC).    

Sprint and Cornell University have mutually agreed to the transfer of 
NSF ICMnet NOC duties to the SprintLink Public Data Internet (PDI) 
NOC.  Sprintlink, which provides "acceptable use" and "commercial" 
nationwide IP routing services, is now operational.  The consolidation 
of ICMnet functions with SprintLink will streamline operations and 
eliminate duplication of effort.

The precise cut-over schedule, points-of-contact list and other 
associated information will be distributed within two weeks.  Cut-
over of individual links is tentatively scheduled for mid May.

I would like to thank Cornell University for their hard work and 
superior performance.  Their dedication has yielded an international 
network with an enviable record for availability and stability.  In 
particular, I would like to recognize Mark Oros for his focused efforts 
in implementing a well-managed, responsive NOC. 

If there are any questions concerning the transition please use the 


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