Phase III RS-960 Deployment Status Update

mak mak
Wed Apr 22 14:46:45 UTC 1992

  This is a good idea. I will send out such a summary today
and each Wednesday (approx.) for the duration of the RS/960

> From:    Dan Long <long at>
> To:      mak at
> CC:      regional-techs at, nearnet-tc at

> Mark,
>     Thanks for the update.  One thing that hasn't been clearly called out is
> the procedure for reporting on the progress of the rollout and the criteria
> that will be used for deciding whether all is well and the rollout should
> continue.
>     When we last spoke, you said you were planning to make weekly status
> reports on how things were going.  I think that's a very good idea.  May I
> suggest that you send something out (Wednesdays?) that addresses the
> following points:
> 	- what changes were planned for the previous weekend
> 	- what changes actually were made on the previous weekend
> 	- what problems arose (if any)
> 	- what problems remain (if any)
> 	- what your plan is for the following weekend (the go/no-go question)
>     This level of detail would enable us to help keep a watchful eye out for
> any operational problems and it would allow everyone some time to get feedbac
> to you before the next set of upgrades.
> Possible?
> Thanks,
> Dan

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