SNMP 'snmppoll' data cruncher program version 1.1

Vikas Aggarwal aggarwal at
Tue Apr 14 21:09:10 UTC 1992

At the last IETF I had mentioned that I had developed an application for
compacting the SNMP data collected by the PSI 'snmppoll' program. The
'opstat' IETF group was also working on data exchange format and all that,,,
This might give them ideas,

Well, the application is called 'snmppoll-dc' (for snmppoll data cruncher) 
and it reduces a 60 MB data file to about 10MB (a reduction of about 6
times). It can handle any type of data, and the output format is still
ascii. The program has a lot more capabilities like acting like a
filter, generating data for 'xgraph', etc.

An accompanying program, 'snmppoll-reporter' is a reporting application
for the processed data. (As an example, gives octets per 10 minutes for
each hour of the day).  It can also generate output for plotting on a 
3-D plotting program (like GNUplot).

Anyway, the README file is attached below. If folks do make
improvements, I will gladly incorporate into my code.

The source is available from: under ~ftp/pub/snmppoll-dc1.1.tar.Z

 vikas at						(609) 258-2403
			JvNCnet, Princeton, NJ

README file for snmppoll-cruncher
This software compacts the snmp data collected via the PSI 'snmppoll'
data collecting agent, and is also capable of various types of data 
manipulations on the raw/processed data. It was developed mainly to improve
the storage requirements of SNMP (without resorting to a database) and also
for ease of extracting and manipulating data.

The various programs contained in this directory are:

snmppoll-dc -	(snmppoll data cruncher). This program changes the long/raw
		format of 'snmppoll' from:




	By avoiding the repetition of the variable name each time, the program
	reduces the data by a factor of about 6 or better.

	The program can also handle string data, and can also read its earlier
	processed data. In this mode, it can act like a filter or be used for
	concatenating several pre-processed data files.

	It can also generate output suitable for being piped into 'xgraph'.

	Incidentally, it can reconvert the processed data back to the original
	raw snmppoll format (except that the hexvalue is replaced with the 
	decimal value instead).

snmppoll-reporter -	generates reports from the data provided
	in the 'snmppoll-dc' format. This program presently just calculates 
	the deltas in the specified time periods, but can be easily modified
	to do more things like rate, mean, etc.

slists -	Collection of routines for singly linked lists.

getdate - 	converts date strings into a long integer. Straight from the
		GNU distribution for those systems that lack this library call.
		In fact, I would recommend using this one over your system lib
		(in case you have it).

strstr.c -	return the offset of one string within another. From the
		GNU distribution for those systems that lack this library

zaphod-airport1.ds1 - A sample of the raw snmp data collected by the PSI
		'snmppoll' program. Can be used for testing purposes.

Man pages are provided. The version number of this release will be in
the file 'version.h'.

All comments to vikas at

	Vikas Aggarwal
	vikas at

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