Additions to the NSFNET policy-based routing database

Erik Sherk sherk at
Tue Apr 7 22:17:39 UTC 1992

> Erik,
> The total net numbers CONFIGURED in the NSFNET policy database <> the total
> routes actually ADVERTISED to the backbone.  The number that announced 
> to nwg every Tue and Fri is the configured number.  In order to get the
> actually advertised routes to T1, get on your T1 nss and do a netstat -Nn |wc.
> That is the real time advertised number, it may fractuate a bit due to the
> tempary outage of particular networks.  But you will get a general idea of
> the number.
> 						--Jessica

	I understand the difference between configured vs. announced networks.
That is not what I am asking. I must have been unclear in my previous question,
let me try again.

	If you grep "Total" from the March 10th network configuration announcment,
you get this:

aotearoa:[~/Mail/inbox] grep Total inbox/806
Total NSFNET T1 announced networks: 4835
Total NSFNET T3 announced networks: 2501

The total number of networks on each of the backbones has been different
in all of the announcements send out by Merit that I have seen. But today,
we find that they are the same:

aotearoa:[~/Mail/inbox] grep Total inbox/1233
 Total  T1 announced networks:  5012
       Total configured T3 networks:  5012

Oh, I see! You have changed the announcment to list "T1 announced" and "T3
configured". Would it be too much trouble to ask you to go back to the old


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