March NSFNET T1 Usage by Service

Olivier Martin MARTIN%CEARN.BITNET at pucc.Princeton.EDU
Thu Apr 2 11:48:37 UTC 1992

 Merit/NSFNET.Information.Services-Interested.Parties at,
              Elise Gerich <epg at>,
              Jessica Yu <jyy at>,
              nsfnet-info at,
              nsfnet-reports at,
              smh at,
              "Stefan Fassbender (GMD/EASInet)" <stf at>
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 <sgoldste at>

On Wed, 01 Apr 92 14:41:12 EST you said:
>Which just goes to illustrate that traffic-based cost-sharing models for
>[intercontinental] links are complicated by things like FTP where the origin
>address sends huge amounts of data for which it did not initiate the
>session.  Some countries/entities turn out to be (grossly) net exporters
>of data.  --SG
Yes, but I still contend that the MERIT provided traffic figures for the
incoming EASINet traffic are completely wrong by a factor 1000, sorry for
looking stubborn, but wrong statistics are worse than no statistics.


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