[Nanog-futures] NANOG Wiki taken over by outsiders (Yes, I already sent an email to Richard)

Lynda shrdlu at deaddrop.org
Wed Mar 28 10:08:56 CDT 2012

I received a notification timestamped last night (3/27/2012 11:30PM), 
that said the main page of the NANOG Wiki had been changed by "Snowing" 
and since that didn't sound like anyone on NANOG, I looked.

It's now devoted to advertisements. Luckily there are no drive by links, 
but I suppose that's next. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

I sent an email earlier to ras at e-gerbil, and am now widening the scope 
of notification. Perhaps someone else here has the ability to fix it, or 
at least to back out the changes.

The specific Subject line in the email was "NANOG page Talk:Main Page 
has been changed by Snowing"

It isn't just me.


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