[Nanog-futures] New Membership-WG Draft

Sean Figgins sean at labrats.us
Thu Oct 28 01:41:42 UTC 2010

On 10/27/10 6:44 PM, Joe Provo wrote:

> If there isn't vetting, why does the board approve membership? No
> other nonprofit [advocacy, professional, charity] to which I either
> belong or contribute has this kind of barrier to taking my money.

The board does not need to vote if we don't want it.  Let's strike that 
part of the proposal.  Make both the new membership AND the cancellation 
of inactive memberships after 12 months automatic, and not dependent on 
the BoD at all.

The intention for the language for the approval and discretion of the 
BoD is not to have them vet each membership application, only to have 
them do a bulk approval.  If this is not needed, then this can be be 
removed from the proposal.


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