[Nanog-futures] New Membership-WG Draft

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Thu Oct 28 00:39:56 UTC 2010

On 10/27/10 1:57 PM, Lynda wrote:

> Okay, here's a test. If I'm willing to pay the fee, may I join? I am 
> asking if I'd be permitted to under the current definition. I don't 
> fancy orchids much, but I have my own Cisco router.

Sure.  You don't even need to use the router for anything other than a
doorstop.  Some of them make nice heaters. ;-)

I see this as being pretty much something that the member defines as
his/her reason for joining.

If the prospective member feels that they have an interest due to
employment, previous employment (I agree that "if retired" can go away),
participation in industry forums, academic instruction or scholarship,
or volunteer positions, then fine.  Reading mailing lists, netnews, etc.
would be enough, but it's up to the member to make the call.

There isn't a test, investigation, or vetting.  The member decides if
they have an interest and understands the reason for membership.

This language discourages someone from signing up and then demanding
their money back because there isn't enough content regarding orchids.

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