[Nanog-futures] New Membership-WG Draft

kris foster kris.foster at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 00:21:29 UTC 2010

On Oct 27, 2010, at 4:41 PM, Joe Abley wrote:

> [snip]
> This document ought to contain the bare minimum number of words required to specify accurately what the situation is. It should not have extra clauses that people shouldn't worry about because they don't really mean anything. If the clause isn't pertinent, scratch it out.

It's necessary to define membership to avoid many disasters (I am not aware of a legal requirement, IANAL).

What may be more palatable is to state that it is a requirement that the individual wishes to further the mission of NewNOG. There may be enough language in the mission statement to achieve what most people expect a member to be. If the membership wishes to add orchids to the mission they can vote in an amendment for that and the horticulturalists can run wild.


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