[Nanog-futures] New Membership-WG Draft

Michael K. Smith - Adhost mksmith at adhost.com
Wed Oct 27 20:21:58 UTC 2010

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> On 2010-10-27, at 15:43, Sean Figgins wrote:
> > If someone leaves the network operations community for an extended
> > period of time, say over a year, I am not sure why they would wish
> > remain a member of NewNOG and pay the fee.
> If they did wish to remain a member of NewNOG, however, I'm not sure
> NewNOG should say no.
> I would strike the whole of 4.1. I see no reason for it. If orchid
> want to join NANOG, let them join.
+1 I don't think we have the resources as a volunteer/community-led
organization to vet every new member, a la the IEEE.  The community is
completely open now and it's been successful.  I don't see why we
wouldn't have that same inclusivity in the new organization.


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