[Nanog-futures] New Membership-WG Draft

Sean Figgins sean at labrats.us
Wed Oct 27 20:07:03 UTC 2010

On 10/27/10 1:02 PM, Daniel Golding wrote:
> I suspect the board will set some kind of a discount for students.
> Personally, I would support a very large discount for full time students.
> That being said, I'm also a bit disappointed that the specific student
> membership didn't survive. I think the educational mission is extremely
> important from both an altruistic and a business point of view (business
> == our real businesses, not NANOG).

This was an area where the WG had quite a bit of discussion, and student 
discounts never got unanimous support.  NewNOG is not a student 
organization that is supported by obligatory student (college) fees 
that, in turn, fund the organization.  It is not an organization that 
targets students as part of it's mission, not a student outreach 
organization.  NewNOG is a not-for-profit organization formed to provide 
a set of mailing lists, and organize events, such as semi-annual 

When we were discussing the fee structure in August and September, I 
used this argument, and nobody could offer me a convincing counter 
argument.  My argument was...  If we are offering a "fellow" membership 
for someone that has contributed a extraordinary amount to the 
community, then are we saying that students are more important to the 
community than people that would be regular members?  That students 
contribute more to the value of NewNOG than people that are not students?

It seems that the main reason why people are pushing for a student 
discount is because they assume that students can't afford it.  But, I 
counter that many of the students that I went to school with had no 
problem spending $100 or more a week on beer.  $100 a year for 
membership does not seem like a barrier to their participation.

I would be more willing to support a hardship discount than a student 
discount because I don't believe that the value of student contributions 
to be more than that or someone that has a low income, but is also not a 
student.  I would say that someone should be able to get discount on 
their membership if they otherwise qualify, but make less than $X per 
year.  Many full time students would probably qualify for this.  Of 
course, we would need to see some proof that they qualify before we 
accept it.


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