[Nanog-futures] New membership policy draft

Steve Feldman feldman at twincreeks.net
Tue Oct 26 20:55:55 UTC 2010

During discussions of the NewNOG bylaws on this list prior to the  
election earlier this month, it became clear that we hadn't reached  
consensus about a membership structure for the organization.

As a result, the NewNOG board asked the membership working group to  
review the discussion and write a new strawman policy proposal for  
review.  The working group has produced that proposal, and will send  
it to this list later today.

At this time the board has no official position on the proposal.  We  
hope that it will serve as the basis for a constructive discussion  
which will lead toward consensus on a policy which can be implemented  
in the bylaws and by board resolution.  We encourage everyone  
interested to review the proposal, express your opinions, and make  
suggestions for correcting any issues or improving the policy.  Our  
goal is to have a have a final document expressing the community's  
consensus within the next few weeks.

For the NewNOG board,
     Steve Feldman, chair

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