[Nanog-futures] Memberships, Bylaws and other election matters

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To answer Rich's question about newcomers:  at every nanog, roughly 30% of attendees are newcomers and they also tend to be local.  Whether they come back for seconds, we are just starting to collect the data. 

The large percent of new attendees in each location seem to indicate that there is value in rotating location to reach out to the community. 


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On 10/6/10 8:32 AM, Will Hargrave wrote:
> On 06/10/10 15:02, Rich Kulawiec wrote:
>> Yes, yes, I know about all the reasons in-person meetings have certain
>> advantages: one group of challenges in going virtual is replicating those
>> interactions.  But again: *this group* seems uniquely qualified to
>> address that set of challenges.

I think there is value to including as much of a remote/virtual presence 
to the NANOG meetings as possible.  I do think that we could do better 
with this, and try to involve the remote community better in the meeting 

> There is no substitute for the informal face to face conversation which happens
> in hallways or the corner of a bar. This is just the way humans are wired, and
> I don't think a group of network engineers has anywhere near the skills
> required to workaround that problem. Nor do I think many of us want to.

I agree that there is no substitution to the in-person meeting.  Meeting 
someone outside the official conference content, be it in the hallway, 
the official social events, lunch, dinner, or even at the table during 
the presentations.  How many time has someone asked a neighbor in the 
meeting if they understand what is being presented, before asking a 


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