[Nanog-futures] Memberships, Bylaws and other election matters

Steve Feldman feldman at twincreeks.net
Mon Oct 4 15:23:04 UTC 2010

I'd like to make a few comments about the NewNOG Bylaws and other election questions.  These are my opinions only, and don't necessarily reflect those of the NewNOG Board or anyone else.

As with any consensus-driven effort, the NewNOG Bylaws draft was the result of a lot of work by a lot of people, led by a few dedicated committee chairs.  The Board tried to stay mostly out of the process, in hopes of encouraging community input.  I believe that the result was a good first attempt at what will undoubtedly be an iterative process.

Given the discussion on this list and in the community meeting yesterday, it's clear that we don't have consensus on the membership issue, and that there's at least significant support for the position that the proposed membership is too complex for our community's goals.  Aside from that, I haven't heard many other comments on the draft, which I am hopeful means that we are reaching consensus on the other portions of the Bylaws.

It is unfortunate that we didn't think to have a vote on the draft in sections, but it's too late to change that.  Assuming that these Bylaws are adopted, we do have ways to fix mistakes.  There's another election a year from now, with ways for both the Board and community members to place amendments on the ballot.

If the vote fails and these Bylaws are not adopted, the current initial Bylaws will remain in effect.  These are very minimal, covering only a basic nonprofit corporate structure with boilerplate necessary to make the IRS happy, and pretty much everything else left to the Board's discretion.

Given the above, I still recommend a "yes" vote to adopt the Bylaws, as it's a large step in the right direction for NewNOG.

Since we don't have consensus on the membership issue yet, I will pledge to do what I can with my Board vote keep from moving down the path specified in the draft in ways that can't easily be undone when we do come to a consensus.  As one example, I will vote against creating any "fellow" members if it should come up.

I hope this helps, and I encourage everyone to vote however you feel is best for the community.


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