[Nanog-futures] Call for Budget and Finance Working Group Members

Daniel Golding dgolding at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 23:42:45 UTC 2010

(Catching up to Steve...)

The NANOG/NewNOG Budget and Finance Working Group has been formed to
provide financial guidance and budget planning to the Board of
Directors, especially the NewNog Treasurer, Duane Wessels.

So far, B/F WG members include:

- Dan Golding, Managing Director, DH Capital (Chair)
- Tom Daly,  President and CTO, Dyn, Inc.
- Todd Underwood, Site Reliability Manager, Google
- Michael K. Smith, Chief Technology Officer, AdHost
- Sylvie LaPerrière, Program Manager – Network Content Distribution, Google
- Duanne Wessels (NewNog Treasurer)

I anticipate that we'll have biweekly conference calls, beginning
shortly. Initial goals include:

- Polishing current pro-forma budget for part-year 2011 and full year 2012.
- Creating budget line item numbering and descriptions
- Setting up a basic accounting/financial tracking system capable of
generating GAAP financial statements and treasurer's reports
- Recommending basic financial controls to the Board
- Working with the Treasurer and Board to accept credit card transactions
- Working with the Membership WG to set membership rates and to select
a membership management system

We would like add members to take up some of the burden of these
tasks. Please volunteer if taking responsibility for these items is
appealing and if you have some financial/accounting knowledge. We're
looking for folks with the ability to read GAAP standard financial
statements (IS, CFS, BS), as well as to create budgets. You don't need
to be an accountant - many folks who have had to do departmental
budgeting are up to the task. If you've done finance or budgeting for
other professional or non-profit organizations, it would be extremely
valuable. If you aren't interested in being on the WG, but would like
to provide input, there will be several opportunities, including an
open budget forum at the next NANOG.

We should have a mailing list set up soon, and we'll provide periodic
reports and occasional pleas for assistance to this mailing list.



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