[Nanog-futures] Transition update

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Thu Jun 3 17:39:48 UTC 2010

On 6/2/10 12:08 AM, Jo Rhett wrote:

> I myself, am getting fairly tired of people coming back in months
later and demanding answers as to why they themselves weren't personally
served with overnight mail from a bunny-suited courier explaining that
they should be paying attention.

On 6/3/10 9:47 AM, Jo Rhett wrote:

> No.  It's been a very small number of weeks since the first announcement.   Are you expecting daily reports from these unpaid people?   Shall we micro-manage the SC?

Within less than 36 hours, you've gone from being tired of people coming
back "months later" (as if it had all been over and done a long time
ago) to "It's been a very a small number of weeks" (give them more time).

Rather than doing the time-warp and marginalizing those asking
questions, how about some straight answers?   Are you on the SC?  Do you
have anything to share in terms of facts or are you just here to call
names and ridicule?

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