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> joel jaeggli wrote:
> > Um insofar as I'm aware Andy Rosenzweig is still the Marit member on
> the
> > SC, I generally assume that we he states his opinion or merit's
> position
> > that he is doing so in his capacity as merit's representative on the
> SC.
> That's my point.  Merit has numerous people working on NANOG, but as
> far
> as I know they don't have staff 100% dedicated to NANOG (1).  As a
> result, if NANOG separates from Merit, they'll have to reorganize
> staff across the remaining Merit activities, likely leading to a few
> layoffs.  Therefore, in the interest of not laying people off, Merit
> won't want to let NANOG go independent.  Hence, the skin in the game,
> and a strong reason they won't speak objectively about NANOG's
> separation.
> pt
> [1]  Betty Burke has said on multiple occasions that Merit doesn't
> NANOG to occur in late June, as it conflicts with Merit's year-end.
> the Merit staff assigned to NANOG were 100% dedicated to NANOG, this
> conflict wouldn't exist.

I've been working with the SC as part of the transition team, but I am
not a member of the BoD, so this is not an official proclamation in any
capacity.  I don't think it's wise to pre-suppose what will happen on
the Merit side.  They will be represented at the Community Meeting at
NANOG 49 and any questions about their intentions, motivations and
perceptions about the change are best held until that meeting. 

There is a lot of work going on in the background in preparation for the
transition itself and the upcoming NANOG.  Real work is being
accomplished on key components of the transition, including but not
limited to a budget, 501(c)(3) status, the structure of the new
organization and its membership, as well as cogent answers to all of the
questions that have been posted to -futures in the last weeks.  All of
the concerns raised in -futures are being discussed and will be
addressed to the best of everyone's ability at the Community Meeting.
Personally, I think this is preferable to multiple back and forth
discussions on the -futures list, given that there is a lot of overlap
of questions and concerns that can all be addressed in one shot when we
all meet face to face.

My .02, worth every penny.


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