[Nanog-futures] Transition FAQ

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sun Apr 18 01:35:44 UTC 2010

like you, i am an 'outsider' to this process, which i see as a feature
not a bug.  but i have a slightly different take.

the transition is a process that has been going on slowly for years.
this is just another step.  but it is different in that it involves
business, financial, rights in data, and personnel negotiations which
are just not appropriate to be carried on in public.

otoh, i agree that pronouncements from on high are not a good social
strategy in this community.  and perhaps a bit of arrogance can be
detected in our peers who are moving this forward.  luckily, none of
the rest of us suffer from arrogance. :)

now that much of this is out in the open, i presume we will be better
informed.  though, to be honest, despite it probably taking a lot of
work on steve and crew's part to keep us informed, i am likely to hit
delete a lot.  i am even more overloaded than usual these daze.

i figure it'll be a fun community meeting i sf.  i suggest we go back
to serving the alcohol first. :)


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