[Nanog-futures] Transition FAQ

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Sat Apr 17 15:41:49 UTC 2010

This whole thing doesn't pass the smell test on several levels.

This list is titled NANOG-futures.  Its purpose is to discuss the future

There was zero discussion here about this topic, not even a hint, until
it was presented here as a done deal.

Don Welch stated that Merit was not consulted at all but that the
decision was made by "community leaders" and presented to Merit as a
done deal.

There were no minutes taken at the meeting where this decision was made,
yet it is presented as a "unanimous vote".

This doesn't seem to be very open.  It seems more like a coup.

I am not saying that separation of NANOG from Merit is necessarily a bad
idea.  I'm saying that there is something very suspicious about the way
in which this is going down.

Unidentified "community leaders" making a decision of this magnitude
without open discussion either within the community or mention to Merit
at a closed meeting with no minutes taken is just bad policy.

It is even worse policy when such a decision is made without a real game
plan in place for moving forward.  No idea where it would be based.  No
new entity yet incorporated.  No staff and budget planning as of yet.
No minutes taken, all of this is "informal".

Reading the FAQ gives me a feeling that this is a case of "Ready, fire,
aim", perhaps without even the "Ready".

Is Merit really so bad that we need to immediately sever ties and *then*
decide which way to go?  There *has* to be a back-story here, and it
doesn't seem to be based on the will of the community based on what I've
read so far.

Is there any way to ease up on the throttle until we can get a clearer
view of the road ahead?

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