[Nanog-futures] More information about this morning's announcement?

Denesh Bhabuta db-nanog at stop.me.uk
Thu Apr 15 15:46:09 UTC 2010

On 15 April 2010 01:32, Steve Gibbard <scg at gibbard.org> wrote:

> I'm wondering if there's any more information available about the efforts
> to separate NANOG from Merit (as announced by Steve Feldman this morning
> in mail to the main NANOG list).

I think this was needed. NANOG can quite easily be an independent
organisation.. Merit have done a fantastic job so far and continue to do so,
however it is time for NANOG to evolve to the next stage.

What I would like to know - is there anyway that I may assist prior to,
during and after the changeover? This *I* also includes my colleagues in the
industry. :-)

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