[Nanog-futures] Conference Network Experiment policy

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I for one am happy to see this proposal.  At a glance the policy appears to be reasonable.  Conducting experiments where so many qualified and interested participants are present is mutually beneficial to those participating as well as those organizing the activities.

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There have been periodic inquiries for network-based experiments
on the NANOG conference network.  While there is a serious benefit
to be gained by experimenters exposing their projects to the NANOG
attendees, there is a need to balance that with meeting attendees
having a functional network during the conference.  

We'd like to hear the community's opinion on this. The SC has 
drafted a "Network Experiments" policy based on prior experience 
and what we think our conference attendees need to have available 
while on-site.  Please see the attachment below and share your
opinions and suggestions.


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