[Nanog-futures] An opinion re:issues with heavy-handed moderation

Gadi Evron ge at linuxbox.org
Tue Apr 7 20:35:31 UTC 2009

Robert E. Seastrom wrote:
> As former Chair of the MLC, let me point out that getting MLC members
> to actually deal with moderating people who are actively being a pain
> in the ass is highly difficult, let alone preemptive moderation that
> requires more or less constant attention.  This is not a reflection on
> the current make-up of the MLC, it is just human nature to not take
> action until the pain is actually *bad*, particularly in volunteer
> organizations where stuff is mostly-working-OK.

I should have pointed out earlier that my problem is not with the MLC 
moderating or doing their jobs. Much like those who spoke against my 
position, I am in favour.

My issue is with visibility and documentation of this process.


> I'll also join others in observing that we don't see any evidence of
> preemptive moderation of those whom many of us fervently wish would
> receive same.
> -r
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