[Nanog-futures] Rudeness because presenters suck.

Pete Templin petelists at templin.org
Tue Jul 15 18:35:11 UTC 2008

Alan Clegg wrote:

> Public speaking is a class that is pretty expensive, and lots of
> technical people don't get the opportunity to become professionally
> trained speakers because that's not what their job is and their
> employers would rather them be productive in the technical aspects of
> their job.

Last I checked, the PC didn't require a course in public speaking or 
other "professional training".

> Disrespect for a speaker that you feel is irrelevant, boring and un-fun
> just shows that you are a rude and elitist audience.

There are presenters who don't take the time to assess their audience, 
_prepare_ their presentation, and rehearse their presentation.  Why 
should we pay upwards of $20/hour to see a presentation that wasn't 
prepared?  Note that the PC has to make selections based on abstracts 
and rough slides, so they don't know how well the person will prepare.

> AlanC {Dale Carnegie trained speaker, presenter, relevant, interesting
> and fun guy that had thought about presenting at NANOG, but won't now}

Maybe we should all throw down our CCNA numbers or something.


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