[Nanog-futures] What should NANOG be?

Sean Figgins sean at labrats.us
Wed Jan 9 18:30:52 UTC 2008

Michael Dillon wrote:

>> For example, as was discussed on the nanog list, why not 
>> identify a BCP for identifying the appropriate contact at an 
>> organization?
> If you can't get a significant level of participation in 
> writing such BCPs, then people won't buy into them and
> won't follow them.

It kind of makes you think that NANOG is not really an organization, but 
rather a collective.  Since there are no real leaders, and no 
organization, it's nearly impossible to force the will of the one (or 
few) onto the many.  The result is that whatever is decided in a small 
group will likely not be adopted by the majority of the NANOG 
collective, no matter how good the idea might be.

I don't have a solution.  Maybe one really isn't required.  Is anything 
really broken?


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