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*NANOG Talk of the Week*
*Go Lang for Engineers with Arista Networks'  Daniel Hertzberg *

*Why it's worth your time:* At 820 views and counting since our last
meeting in February, this talk is a gateway for network engineers into the
world of Go, demystifying its core concepts and illustrating its
unparalleled potential for building efficient, concurrent, and performant
network automation tasks.

*WATCH NOW * <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKx1VU4yMHI>

*N91 Peering Coordination Forum Applications are Open!  *
*Open Until 24 May or 20 Applications Received*

The forum allows attendees to meet and network with others in the peering
community present at NANOG.

*MORE INFO * <https://nanog.org/events/nanog-91/peering/>

*Check out the NANOG 91 Socials Schedule *
*Make your Travel Arrangements Now *

NANOG Socials are an incredible opportunity to get to know your peers in
the industry + foster important relationships in a relaxed, casual

*N91 SOCIALS * <https://nanog.org/events/nanog-91/socials/>

*VIDEO - Experience a NANOG Meeting *
*Watch the Recap of Our Most Recent Meeting — N90 in Charlotte, NC *

Our last meeting may have come and gone— but the memories will last
forever! Check out some familiar faces + learn what makes a NANOG meeting

*WATCH NOW * <https://nanog.org/stories/nanog-tv/nanog-90-recap/>
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