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Thu Mar 16 19:11:09 UTC 2023

*Most Recent Episode of "Internet Innovators"**Sadowsky Discusses Making
Internet Accessible to over 50 Economically Developing Countries *

George Sadowsky is an Internet Hall of Famer and a recent Johnathon B.
Postal award recipient. He is known for his decades-long work in
economically developing countries.

Why it's worth your time: Learn about the humanitarian behind the tech,
surprising stories about the diverse cultures he met abroad, his thoughts
on the current state of the Internet, and the future of Internet
connectivity + accessibility.

*Meet Your New Board Chair *

*NANOG Welcomes Leslie Daigle *
Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Global Cyber Alliance and former Chief
Internet Technology Officer (CITO) of Internet Society (ISOC), Leslie
Daigle Helms the NANOG Board of Directors as Chair for 2023.

NANOG caught up with Daigle to ask about the present and future of the
organization from her Chair and what she hopes to contribute during her

*READ NOW * <https://www.nanog.org/stories/meet-nanogs-new-board-chair/>

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