[NANOG-announce] "NTP Foundation" Harlan Stenn + Hackathon Begins Tomorrow!

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Thu Oct 6 23:26:14 UTC 2022

*Stenn Takes NANOG 86 Keynote Stage!*
*Tech Pioneer to Talk about "NTP" + the Importance of Timekeeping in Tech. *

*Join us* as we welcome Network Time Protocol (NTP) + Network Time
Foundation, Harlan Stenn to the NANOG 86 Keynote stage!

*Keynote: *
Me, NTP, The NTP Project, and Network Time Foundation - How We Got Here:
Welcome to my Hallucination.

*History of the Network Time Foundation:  *

*From the earliest days of human history, people have had a close
relationship with time...*

*Computers aren't intelligent; they keep poor time. So how do global
networks track when a transaction happened and the nanoseconds that make up
a timestamp count? Learn More <https://www.nwtime.org/about/preface/>. *
*REGISTER NOW* <https://www.nanog.org/events/nanog-86/>

*The Engineer Approved List for Sightseeing in Hollywood*
*A Technologist's Fool-Proof Guide to Having a Good Time*

*When not watching groundbreaking talks* or connecting with industry heroes
at NANOG 86, why not do some California dreamin’ of your own?

   1. Our list kicks off with La Brea Tar Pits Natural Science Museum.
   <https://tarpits.org> *For those brave souls itching (or crawling) to
   get into the spirit of the Halloween season,* a Spider Pavilion is
   currently being offered. An “open air experience” amongst all types of
   spiders and their webs is promised.


*Hackathon will Kick Off Tomorrow! *
*Hackathon Intro + Welcome will Begin Virtually*

*Don't miss your opportunity* to network with incredible industry
professionals + students who share your passion for coding!

On Friday, 07 Oct, we will hold the Hackathon welcome, introduction,
infrastructure tutorial, idea-pitching, and team-forming session over Zoom.

***Registration is required.

*REGISTER NOW <https://www.nanog.org/events/nanog-86-hackathon/>*
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