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Mon Mar 22 21:21:29 UTC 2021

We’d be hard pressed to name many teenagers as thoughtful, curious, and
open to new experiences as Nate Sales. Now in his junior year at the Catlin
Gabel School in Portland, Oregon, he has already built, designed, and
engineered more than most people twice his age. Nate not only manages his
school’s robotics team, he also developed an app to track on-campus
movement during COVID 19, coordinates radio communications for the Amateur
Radio Emergency Service, is a Reliability Engineer at Fosshost, and sits on
the advisory board of the Emerald Onion — a Seattle nonprofit and encrypted
transit ISP.

We spoke with Nate recently about his path into tech, and his experience
presenting at a NANOG conference, where he was — to our collective
knowledge — the youngest to ever do so. What struck us most was his
curiosity and willingness to build, dismantle, and rebuild again in the
name of new discoveries and greater insights; an ethos all of us could
stand to learn from.

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