[NANOG-announce] Promoting Diversity + Access in Internet Tech 👉

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Wed Feb 19 18:30:50 UTC 2020

*A conversation with Charisse Stokes + Trent Edwards of the Montgomery,
Alabama Chamber of Commerce.*

“Our diversity of background, thought, and experience — as well as race and
gender — give us the best opportunity to compete, and succeed," says Trent
Edwards of the Montgomery, Alabama Chamber of Commerce.

Trent and his colleague Charisse Stokes hosted NANOG Executive Director
Edward McNair during his visit to Alabama this fall, for two days of
STEM-focused talks, lunch + learn sessions, and community meetings to share
NANOG’s perspective on the latest industry trends and careers in Internet

We recently had a conversation with Trent and Charisse, where we got to
talk about the initiatives they’re currently working on, and how those
align with NANOG’s mission to empower people and inspire change.

Read the Interview

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